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I once had this bracelet

I had it until May

I didn't mean to break it

It just fell off one day

I glued it back together

When it broke again I cried

I was told that it would last forever

That jeweler must have lied

I took it to a store

To have the thing repaired

The jeweler told me to buy more

There were bracelets everywhere

I told him this one was unique

The only one for me

It's old, outdated, so to speak

He tried to make me see

I said I really liked this one

He pointed out its flaws

I said I'd leave if it weren't done

His tools all looked like claws

I said that he must hurry

He said, "It's hard, I need more space"

As he handed it back to me

A smile crossed my face

But the truth soon came upon me

As I placed it on my wrist

And I was so surprised to see

That the bracelet didn't fit

Written by Spiffyshoes