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Eight Miscellaneous Poems by

The Dark haired Goddess of the Moon


When the television's off

And the radio silent,

How easy it is to notice the simple things!

The way the sunlight glows through the window;

The delicate shape of shadows traced upon the window sill.

The slightly lighter hue of your palm.

The labrynthine threads woven in your shirt.

How peaceful a lamp looks when it's not so bright.

The way silence almost sounds like your heart beating.

These are wonders, simple wonders.

Wonder into wonder this life unfolds.

Drink them all up while you can!


It is amazing to see how fast an apple core browns.

And how many animals it feeds in that dying.

Help! I am rotting from the inside out.

Someone plant me so I may grow again.


Why is the scenery behind us always so much more enchanting?

My neck is sore from always looking backwards.

Perhaps I shall try to watch the scenery as it goes by.


Most people stroll through their lives as if walking through an art gallery.

They look at each painting

oil paints, the sky, a tree--

then they move on.

We are all artists.

If I was you, I would throw down that brush

and embrace the empty canvas.


A candle burns the brightest

just before it flickers out.

A tree explodes in orange and gold

before it withers away.

Be like these leaves

and smile before death pulls you from this world.


A rose's beauty lies in

the sun that strengthens it

the soil which feeds it

the thorns which guard it

the bees which pollenate it

the seed which it was

the dust it will become

the thousands of roses which came before it

the thousands of roses which will come after it.

Everything, by any other name, would smell as sweet.


A lamp, burning fiercely

leaves behind a shadow as a reminder of its light.

You are that shadow.


We spend hours trying to dust our houses.

But why?

Dust is a beautiful thing.

It helps remind us that time is passing.

Perhaps we should spend that time

dusting off our minds.