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The First Clue

By Daphne Starling (Tiki)

     It was dark when April got home. She had been studying for hours with her friend August. They had a huge science test coming up. It was April's worst subject, so she needed all the help she could get. She loved to read, but every time she picked up a science book, she fell asleep. It was just too boring.
     April pulled her house key from her book bag to unlock the door, but it was already unlocked. She walked in and found her little sister May sitting on the floor crying.
     "What's wrong, May?" May looked up at her big sister.
     "I can't find it. I've looked everywhere, but I can't find it." She rubbed her eyes.
     "Can't find what?"
     "The key to my box." April knew that May's special box was very important to her. She kept a lot of pictures and her favorite necklace in it. "How am I going to get my box open?" May pulled at the top of the box, but it didn't budge.
     "Well, I'll help you find the key. When was the last time you saw it?"
     "Hmm," May stopped crying and thought for a moment, "I think I had it this morning in the kitchen when I was showing Dad the picture that I drew at school yesterday."
     "To the kitchen we go!" April led her sister down the hallway and into the kitchen. "Now, what was Dad doing when you showed him the picture?"
     "He was eating breakfast at the table."
     "That's right, then I came to the table and ate some cereal, too." They both walked to the table and looked around. April got down on her knees to look under the table.
     "Did you find my key April?"
     "No, but I think I found an important clue."
What do you think April found?

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