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Marvin the Ace

She said "That's no reason to cry."

I said, "But why did he have to die?"

She explained that it's the way of life.

Then I asked her for a knife.

I wanted to drive it through my heart.

I just knew that we would never part.

She said I was acting way out of line.

I said that he was the best friend of mine.

She said, "All right, let's make a deal."

I said, "O.K., as long as I get to keep the wheel."

A proper burial on the 3rd of May

He was laid to rest in his favorite bed of hay.

I said good-bye and gave him a flower

Then, the rain bagan to shower.

Mom asked if I wanted another mouse,

as we got in the car and drove back to the house,

I tried to explain that no one could ever replace,

my very best friend, Marvin the Ace.

Written by Joe Bob